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Kitty Brazelton - electric bass, sampler, voice, DAT track
Dafna Naphtali - electric guitar, voice, live electronic processing of all vocal microphones
Danny Tunick - drums, percussion, sampler, recorder, voice, electric bass
Paul Geluso - mixer, filters, voice

House sound:

Full range speakers, stereo power amp, Graphic EQ (1/3 octave), 2 compressor/gates, good quality reverb, 3 stage monitors.

cable sunburst

House mixer inputs:

6 line inputs to house mixer via snake (2 from Naphtali's mixer, 4 from Brazelton's sampler and DAT player)
8 or more microphone inputs to house mixer via snake


2 high quality vocal microphones on boom stands (may be provided by group) Kitty + her rig
1 additional vocal mic. on boom (at drum set)
5 or more microphones as needed for sound reinforcement (2 dynamic microphones for guitar amps, 3 or more for reinforcement of drums)

stage plan


1 Fender Twin or comparable (tube) guitar amplifier
1 bass cabinet and head Dafna's rig


6 microphone cables -

NOTE: the 3 microphones are split and then routed to both Naphtali's mixer and the house)

3 microphone splitters (may be provided by group)
6 direct boxes and associated cables to snake
2 quad boxes for power on stage L & R
4 music stands
1 small waist-high table (36" high)

Stage requirements

12’ x 18’ minimum flat area (drum riser optional)

BAT? live in concert

photos by Marc PoKempner © 1997.