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Boston Herald---"extreme and feral…" (read the whole CD review)

Blue Coupe (bluecoupe.com)---"bridges the multi-gaps between smart, weird, and passionate while throwing in invigorating doses of funny…" (read the whole CD review)

All Music Guide (allmusic.com)---"Brilliant and dangerous." (read the whole CD review)

San Diego Union-Tribune---"precision, fire and whimsy,… ingenious and invigorating." (read the whole CD review)

Erie Times (GoErie.com)---"scary and hilarious..." (read the whole pick)

The New Yorker---"Now there's an interesting name for a chamber group…" (read the whole pick)

Chicago Tribune---"the band mixed the raw energy of punk rock with the polyphony of contemporary classicism… tightly organized but always had a compelling feeling of tension." (read the whole review)

The Chicago Reader---"sexy, fierce, disjointed, unpredictable and not necessarily always in control…" (read the whole review)

past performances


Most of the members of WHAT IS IT LIKE TO BE A BAT? used to live on the island of Manhattan in small caves towards the southern end---except for Danny who flew afield in Williamsburg (across the river).

Lately, only Kitty and Paul sleep on the small island, Kitty southward near Tompkins Square Park, Paul further north in Harlem. Both migrate regularly to the distant north: Paul to the Catskills and Kitty to Vermont. Meanwhile, Dafna has found a new cave in Queens but flies back and forth from the longer island to the smaller every night.

You can contact BAT? by emailing questions and/or comments to mail@whatbat.org

BAT? in July 00 what is it like to be a bat?