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The Soul has been unable to overcome her fleshly desires and to resist the temptations od the Devil despite the encouragement of the Virtues whom she has invoked to help her. She finds their demands too difficult. This climactic statement separates her from them finally (until Act III)

As well as composing the music for Act I, Lisa Bielawa sings all the vocal parts you hear in this excerpt except for the Devil whose part is spoken by Eve Beglarian in both Latin and English. Lisa sings in English to show she has given in to the Devil's way.

(towards the end)

Scientia Dei
(una Virtus):

Knowledge of God
(one of the Virtues):

[Tu nescis
nec vides,
nec sapis illum]

qui te constituit.

[You do not know him,
You do not see him,
You do not understand him,]

He who created you.

Anima illa:

The Soul:

Deus creavit mundum:
non facio illi inuriam,
sed volo uti illo!

God created the world—
I don't want to hurt him,
But I want to enjoy it!

Strepitus Diaboli ad Animam illam:

The Devil loudly to the Soul:

Fatue, fatue quid prodest tibi laborare?...

You fool! You idiot! What are you getting out of all this work?...