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This is part of the dialogue between the Virtues and the Soul during Act I.

Composer Lisa Bielawa sings the part of the Soul.

The other three Hildegurls sing chorally as Virtues.




[O felix Anima, et o dulcis creatura dei,

que edificata es
in profunda altitudine
sapientie dei,] multum amas.

[O fortunate soul, O sweet creature of God,
you who have been created in the profound height
of the wisdom of God,] you love much.

Felix Anima:

The Soul, Rejoicing:

O libenter veniam ad vos,
ut prebeatis michi osculum cordis.

O gladly will I come to you,
So that you can offer me a kiss of your heart.

Virtutes: Virtues:
Nos debemus militare tecum, o filia regis. Our duty is to fight together with you, O daughter of the king.
Sed, gravata, Anima conqueritur: But the Troubled Soul Complains:
O gravis labor, et o durum pondus
quod habeo in veste huius vite,

quia nimis grave michi est contra carnem pugnare.
O what hard labor, and O what a heavy weight
that I carry in the garment of this life,
because it is so hard for me to fight against my body.
Virtutes ad Animam illam: Virtues, to the Soul:
O Anima, voluntate dei constituta,
et o felix instrumentum, quare tam flebilis es
contra hoc quod deus contrivit in virginea natura?
Tu debes in nobis superare diabolum.
O soul, created by the will of God,
O instrument of happiness, why do you trouble yourself so much
against that which God in the virgin nature destroyed?
By our aid you must overcome the Devil.
Anima illa: The Soul:
Succurrite michi, adiuvando, ut possim stare! Hasten and help me, so that I can stand firm.

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