Humility calls the Virtues

The four Hildegurls as an anonymous group of novice Virtues respond to the first in a series of calls to reaffirm their commitment to virtuous life by a disembodied Humility, Queen of the Virtues, who sings to them: "Venite ad me, Virtutes, (Come to me, ye Virtues)!" Photo by Stephanie Berger. Click for more.

Led by their queen Humility, the Virtues Charity, Fear of God, Obedience, Faith, Hope, Chastity, Innocence, Modesty, Mercy, Patience and Victory introduce themselves individually in a ring of song and light. A chorus of assembled Virtues welcomes and praises each in turn. The Soul is off with the Devil who still taunts their collective piety.
adapted by Kitty Brazelton

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