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In the midst of Act III: the Soul (composer Eve Beglarian) is torn between the forces of good and evil within herself, expressed allegorically in the characters of the Virtues and the Devil.

When the Soul bemoans a sinful "fiery sweetness," the Devils (Elaine Kaplinsky and Kitty Brazelton)l gain territory: they slap her, whip her, rip her clothes off and attempt to abuse her sexually. But the Virtues respond to her penitence, driving the Devil back—Elaine Kaplinsky transforms into a Virtue and joins Lisa Bielawa.

The last remaining Devil gains ground once more as the Soul sings about her festering wounds and contamination by the "old serpent." But he (Kitty Brazelton) too is driven back and transformed by the Soul's earnest desire to repent.


Anima illa:

The Soul:

Ach! ach! fervens dulcedo absorbuit me in peccatis, et ideo non ausa sum intrare.

Alas! Alas! A fiery sweetness absorbed me in my sins, and therefore I dared not enter.

Virtutes: .

Two Virtues:

Noli timere nec fugere, quia pastor bonus querit in te perditam ovem suam.

Fear not, nor flee, because the good shepherd searches for his lost sheep in thee.

Anima illa: The Soul:
Nunc est michi necesse ut suscipiatis me, quoniam in vulneribus feteo quibus antiquus serpens me contaminavit. Now indeed I require that you lift me up, for my wounds fester, where the old serpent contaminated me.

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