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This is the climactic turning point in Ordo Virtutum where good triumphs over evil. Composer Eve Beglarian chooses a quiet, intent setting.

The Soul (composer Eve Beglarian) has been reduced to nakedness by the Devil and has continued to beg the Virtues for help. The Virtues respond one by one but her full acceptance when she abjures pride (superbia). At this point, Humility, the queen of Virtues (Kitty Brazelton), commands the other Virtues to receive the scarred sinner "for the sake of the wounds of Christ". The Virtues (Elaine Kaplinsky and Lisa Bielawa) clothe the Soul in a shining raiment and then open into celebratory harmony, " in symphonia sonare"


Anima illa:

The Soul:

Et o vera medicina, Humilitas, prebe michi auxilium, quia superbia in multis viciis fregit me, multas cicatrices michi imponens. Nunc fugio ad te, et ideo suscipe me.

And O true healer, Humility, bring me help, because pride shattered me with many vices, inflicting me with many wounds; now I flee unto you, and therefore receive me.



O omnes Virtutes, suscipite lugentem peccatorem, in suis cicatricibus, propter vulnera Christi, et perducite eum ad me.

O all you Virtues, receive the mourning sinner with her scars for the sake of the wounds of Christ, and lead her to me.

Virtutes: Virtues:
Volumus te reducere et nolumus te deserere, et omnis celestis milicia gaudet super te ergo decet nos in symphonia sonare. We are willing to lead you back, and we will not desert you, and all the heavenly host rejoices for you; therefore it becomes us to sing in harmony.

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