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Composer and improviser Elaine Kaplinsky decided to set Act IV using live instruments primarily. Elaine plays a sampler loaded with samples of the Hildegurls singing syllables of Latin words---you can hear this a few seconds in the excerpt. The excerpt begins with Kitty Brazelton's electric bass (as pictured) through digital delay. This is followed by Eve Beglarian's MIDI wand, a small stick which when waved across a laser beam produces plucked chord progressions.

Kitty plays Humility the queen, and her bass represents the "medecina" the Soul has just requested (Excerpt 1). Humility calls to Victory to gather her army to make war on the Devil.

Victory (Lisa Bielawa) rouses the Virtues to fight with a new beat.

The Virtues vow their allegiance over the sampled roar of the Devil from Elaine's keyboard.

Kitty as Queen Humility, Act IV, Ordo. Photo by Stephanie Berger.


Humilitas ad Victoriam:

Humility, to Victory:

O Victoria, que istum in celo superasti,
curre cum militibus tuis
et omnes ligate Diabolum hunc!

O Victory, who conquered that one [the Devil] in heaven,
hasten with your knights,
and all of you bind that Devil.

Victoria ad Virtutes:

Victory to the Virtues:

O fortissimi et gloriosissimi milites, venite,
et adiuvate me istum fallacem vincere.

O you most brave and most glorious knights,
come and help me to conquer that deceitful one.

Virtutes: Virtues:
O dulcissima bellatrix,
in torrente fonte qui absorbuit, lupum rapacem!
O gloriosa coronata, nos libenter militamus tecum
contra illusorem hunc.
O fairest warrior,
who swallowed the greedy wolf in the torrent!
O glorious crowned one, we willingly fight with you
against that deceiver.

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