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The Virtues think they have vanquished the devil and are celebrating.

But the Devil returns (somposer Elaine Kaplinsky) with the deepest insult.

Chastity (Eve Beglarian) puts the Devil in his place for good and all.

But is it ever over?

In this picture, Chastity (Eve Beglarian) sings the text below from center stage. The Soul/Devil (composer Elaine Kaplinsky) plays the keyboard on the right. Victory (Lisa Bielawa) sings descant downstage left and upstage Humility (Kitty Brazelton) plays the electric bass and raps the English translation. Photo by set designer Paula Sjøblom.




In mente Altissimi, o Satana, caput tuum conculcavi, et in virginea forma dulce miraculum colui, ubi filius Dei venit in mundum; unde deiectus es in omnibus spoliis tuis, et nunc gaudeant omnes qui habitant in celis, quia venter tuus confusus est.

O Satan, I stamp upon your head. In the form of the Virgin I conceived a sweet miracle, [So the Son of God came into this world.] We cast you down with all your spoils, And we rejoice who dwell in the heavens. The belly of the beast is confounded. The



Tu nescis quid colis,
quia venter tuus vacuus est pulcra forma de viro sumpta
ubi transis preceptum quod deus in suavi copula precepit;
unde nescis quid sis!

You don't know what you're about, Because your womb is empty of man's fair form.
You transgress God's command to have sweet intercourse;
So, you don't know what you are!

Castitas: Chastity:
Quomodo posset me hoc tangere
quod tua suggestio polluit per immundiciam incestus?
Unum virum protuli, qui genus humanum ad se congregat,
contra te, per nativitatem suam.

How could this touch me,
This suggestion of yours so polluted, world-bound, incestuous?
One man I brought forth, who joined all of human nature within himself,
Against thee, through the fact of his birth alone.

The 6 Women Creators