The Hildegurls would like to thank those whose work helped make this production possible, among them:

Hillary Jackson for her many contributions; Treva Offutt; Kyler Brown for vocal coaching; Margo Manhattan Jewelry; Adriano Fagundes for photography; Sheldon Steiger for sound engineering and recording during the initial stage of the project; Hugo Dwyer for mastering; and The Source, Unltd. for CD duplication.

Others assisted with specific sections of the piece:

Act I: Eve Beglarian for engineering, technical consulting, and post-production. Richard Einhorn for multi-track engineering.

Acts II & IV: Brad Garton & Columbia University Computer Music Center for use of CMIX and SGI Workstations.

Act III: Robin Lorentz, violin.

Act IV: John Halle for programming assistance (MIDI wands), David First for DX-7 sample.

Hildegurls thanks Audrey Ekdahl Davidson, Bruce Hozeski, and Gunilla Iversen for their edition of Ordo Virtutum, used with the kind permission of Medieval Institute Publications, Western Michigan University.


Thanks also to

Mary Jane Leach for her many early contributions to this project.
Stan Pressner, Lighting Designer Marcus Doshi, Assistant Lighting Designer
Manu Corazzini, Sound Engineer
Mark Piotrowski, Production Stage Manager
Sound equipment by Audio Production Services, Inc.
Simon Nathan Lighting equipment by Production Arts, Inc.

Special thanks to American Opera Projects, in particular Grethe Barrett Holby and Charles Jarden, for their invaluable dedication and support throughout the development of this production.

The 6 Women Creators