In each act, the Hildegurl portraying the Soul appears barefoot. (The Soul is not present in Act II, since she is off in Hell, away from the Virtues.) As Hildegard specifies, the Devil only speaks: for his grievous error, God has denied him the power and beauty of song.

Prologue. The Patriarchs, Prophets, and Virtues introduce The Order of the Virtues.

ACT I (Lisa Bielawa) The Soul encounters the Virtues but finds the path they propose difficult. Responding to her corporeal impulses and the enticements of the Devil, who promises pleasure and success, she casts off her white garments. The Virtues sing of the Soul as a negative example, while the Devil insults them.

ACT II (Kitty Brazelton) Led by Humility, the queen of the Virtues, the individual Virtues introduce themselves, each with appropriate music. The chorus of assembled Virtues welcomes and praises each in turn.

ACT III (Eve Beglarian) The Soul suffers terribly in the embrace of the Devil. She returns bedraggled and wounded to implore the Virtues to accept her. They welcome her with the white robes of immortality.

ACT IV (Elaine Kaplinsky) The Devil makes a last-ditch effort to win the Soul, but she rejects him decisively. In concert with the Soul, the Virtues bind the Devil up and cast him into the abyss; from there he taunts Chastity. Led by Victory, all the Virtues celebrate their triumph over confusion.

Processional. The Soul and the Virtues celebrate God's generosity toward his creatures.


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