KITTY BRAZELTON Catalog of Scores

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I started singing in the choir at age 7. In grade school too, we sang a lot. As a teenager I was disappointed when my voice dropped from a high soprano but then enticed by the challenge of holding my own on the inner second soprano line. Singing with other people or listening to people sing, feeling the lift of the united rhythmic breath, the power of blending into one large voice and mind was a good way to learn about being human.

Xmas Carol & Fuguetta

Originally a Musica Orbis song. Revised in 1998 for SATB choir. Fuguetta is added. Old piano accompaniment absorbed into choral parts. Enjoyed the simple syncopation of the old song. Have tried to bring it out in the singing and the simple percussion. Should be fun to sing I'd think.19987 min.for SATB a cappella choir & simple celebratory percussionunperformed in new version

Passed Away Is The Piano Girl

Collage of songs about love and transience by women composers: Kitty Brazelton, Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1175), Mme. Bayon-Louis, and Luise Reichardt with improvised addenda of the performers' choosing.19985 min.for SSAA choir with pianoCollege Music Society Conference on Teaching Women & Gender In Music, Austin, Texas, February 1998.

Love, I Know Beyond A Doubt

Motet including text and melodies from traditional & Occitans chants and a monophonic chanson roial from the"Remede de Fortune" by Guillaume de Machaut (c. 1300-1365), in memory of Professor Peter Gram Swing.199714 min.for SATB chamber choir, 5 soloists & jazz quartet (tenor saxophone, piano, double bass and drums)unperformed
ShoalPolyphonic song with surreal imagistic text which opens into untexted improvised baritone solo against semi-improvised choral background1973; revised 199510 minfor SSAATTBB a cappella choir with improvising baritone soloistunperformed

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