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I Have Feelings I Shouldn't Have (So Unreasonable) Trombone duo 1997 7 min. 2 trombones unperformed
Just Met Bass marimba and violin in conversation 1996 7 min. for bass marimba and violin Roulette, NYC, March 25, 1998.
i touched your cheek Developed at Columbia University Computer Music Center from conversations between composer and performers. Commissioned by twisted tutu through American Composer Forum's CCP Program (substantially funded by Jerome Foundation). Recorded for o.o.discs, Copland Recording Program; released fall 1999. 1995-1997 10 min. for twisted tutu: voice, microphone, synthesizers, CMIX-processed "found" or sampled material, MIDI sequencing and DAT soundtracks Pittsburgh, September 1997. CUMC Interactive Arts Festival 99, The Kitchen, April 1999.
Lookin' For Honey Minimalist jazz song. Premiered by Dr. Laura Mann, soprano. 1997 6 min. for soprano with piano accompaniment George Mason University, VA, March 1998.
Yalum' Ta Vinahel (Roots of the Sky) Premiered by Double Edge (N. Y. Times 10/96) 1995 10 1/2 min. piano duo Whitney Museum at Philip Morris Duo Piano Mini-Festival, May 10, 1996. Repeated Sonic Boom '96, Miller Theate
Sonata for a Musical Marriage 3-movement suite for piano and electric guitar commissioned by Bernadette Speach and Jeffrey Schanzer. 1995 15 min. piano and electric guitar Brooklyn, May 13, 1995
Called Out Ol' Texas comprov duet for 'cello and alto saxophone 1994 8 min. 'cello and alto saxophone Roulette, December 1994.
Polly's Wedding Music The Bride's Advent , Sun-Worship (text by James Russell Lowell), Polly's Wedding March composed for my sister's wedding in June 1991. 1991 9 min. for organ and singer The Unitarian Church in Barnstable MA, June 1991
Three Songs for Mezzo-Soprano and Harp 3 short love songs to be sung continuously 1988 5 min. mezzo-soprano and harp Columbia Composers, Miller Theater, Fall, 1989
The Violins Go To Boston Premiered by Chen Yi and Gayle Roth, violins 1985 3 min. violin duet Columbia Composers Concert, 1986.
Thauma Gegonen Duet for double bass, harp and their voices. Recorded for broadcast by Terry Gross for NPR and WUHY-FM, 1975 1974 5 min. duet for double bass, harp and their voices Philadelphia Art Museum, fall 1975.
she said she said, "can you sing 'Sermonette' with me?" Life study created in collaboration with composer Dafna Naphtali; my portion developed at Columbia University Computer Music Center, March-June 1997 Reviewed in Chicago Tribune 10/14/97 and Reader 10/23/97. 1997 22 min. for WHAT IS IT LIKE TO BE A BAT?: two voices and microphones, two electric guitars, MAX interactive processing of Eventide delay unit, DAT soundtracks, MIDI-controlled sampler, drums Women's Avant Fest '97, Chicago, October 12 1997. Columbia University Computer Music Center's Interactive Arts Festival 99, The Kitchen, April 1999.
Fuging Tune for 3 Flutes Canonic trio in the Early American tradition for the LaGuardia H. S. Flute Choir. 1997 5 min. for 3 flutes LaGuardia H. S. of Music & Art and the Performing Arts Composers' Concert, March 1998.
Dunt-Dunt Piece for E.S.P. (East Side Percussion) for internet broadcast 1996 10 sec. for 3 percussionists t.b.a.

Hildegurls' Electric 'Ordo Virtutum'

21st-c. settings of 12th-c. Hildegard von Bingen's miracle play "Ordo Virtutum" by Brazelton in collaboration with composers Eve Beglarian, Lisa Bielawa and Elaine Kaplinsky; DAT soundtracks developed in part at Columbia University Computer Music Center. Revised version commissioned and premiered by Lincoln Center Festival '98. 1996; revised 1998 70 min. Hildegurls: 4 singers, soprano recorder, percussion, MIDI wand, sampler, electric bass and DAT soundtrack Lincoln Center Festival '98, July 22, 24, 25, 1998.
Skimamaski Premiered by Kitty Brazelton (voice), Martha Mooke (viola), Martha Colby (cello) and Jane Getter (electric guitar). 1996 8 min. for quartet: un-texted voice, viola, cello and guitar, all amplified and multiply processed Venus Festival, Context Studio, NYC, September 28 1996
String Quartet No. 2 3 movements deconstruct the 1st movement premiered by Atlantic String Quartet for the League/ISCM at Merkin Hall, NYC 1/11/94 (reviewed N. Y. Times 1/94); 2-4th mov'ts premiered at Roulette, 12/11/94. 1990-94 25 min. string quartet League/ISCM at Merkin Concert Hall, Roulette, 1994.

Half-Way Between Dante's View and Vegas

Theatrical song; libretto by Denise Lanctot, Performed by the New Music-Theater Ensemble of Minnesota Opera, Ben Krywosz, director. 1992 5 min. for a cappella tenor solo with baritone and two sopranos Atlanta Arts Festival, October, 1992; Washington, D.C., April 1993; Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, fall 1993.
String Quartet No. 1 3 short movements experiment with modernist influences then move on into rhythm 1987-1989 6-7 min. string quartet Reading by Atlantic String Quartet, February, 1989
Fishy Wishy A re-texting of the 4th mov't of Schubert's Trout Quintet—text from or based on my own translation of text from Schubert's lied "Die Forelle". Recorded for CRI CD "Alternative Schubertiade" spring 1999. 1997 7 min. for 3 sopranos, vibes and piano "Alternative Schubertiade," Downtown Arts Festival, American Opera Projects, NYC 9/19/97 (reviewed in N.Y.Times 9/22/97 and Voice 9/30/97).
Come Spring 4 movements for brass quintet for the Manhattan Brass Quintet. Recorded June 1998. March-April 1996 22 min. brass quintet St. Ignatius of Antioch, NYC, May 1998.


you can hear R at choose Joe Pehrson's 5/15/98 interview with Kitty Brazelton

Chamber piece. No text. Parisian flavor? Rather exotic. 1989; revised, 1994 and 1998. 6 min. for untexted voice, electric 5-string viola, classical guitar, double bass and bongos Roulette, NYC, March 1998 and December 1994. Internet interview with Joe Pehrson.
Queen of the Rain Art song revised for quintet 1978-April 1999 10 min. for voice, flute, horn, cello and piano Music Under Construction, May 18, 1997. First Avenue, January 1999.
The Two Timing F**k I'm in Love With Poem by Carolyn Peyser. Recorded 1998 1996 10 min. for alto, 2 violins and 2 percussionists Premiere by Absolute Ensemble, June 30, 1996. Roulette, 1998.
Back In The Air Concert of songs and instrumental pieces for MUSICA ORBIS, recorded by dbx, Inc. for demonstration album; September, 1977. 1977 90 min for bells, chimes, timbales, claves, marimba, vibraphone, piano, organ, harp, flute, recorder, cello, double bass, electric bass, drum set and voices Zellerbach Theater, Annenberg Center, University of Pennsylvania with live broadcast by WXPN-FM; Sanders Theater, Harvard University, live broadcast on WBUR-FM
Sound in Space MUSICA ORBIS collaboration with architects using alternative audience-performer spatial configurations, inflatable sculpture, tunnels and microphone "forest" to alter concert ambience. 1977 90 min. portable acoustic instruments as well as harp, flute, drums, cello, bass, hammered dulcimer University of Pennsylvania, March, 1977.
Fire Opal Suite Performed and recorded by MUSICA ORBIS on "To The Listeners" (Longdivity Records 1977. National reviews. National television broadcasts.) 1976 12 min. for pipe organ, flute, cello, double bass, harp, marimba, drums, piano and voices The Bijou, Philadelphia; CBGB's, New York City; Berklee Performance Center, Boston.
Evergreen Festival annual concert on acoustic instruments by MUSICA ORBIS for the winter Solstice 1974 70 min. for pump organ, flute, recorder, cello, double bass, Irish knee harp, marimba, hand percussion, piano and voices The Painted Bride Art Center, every December 1974-77

I Was Kidnapped
By Martians

Operetta in which entire ensemble except contralto is Martian and speaks in motives learned from radio waves in space. Libretto by Lorraine Llamas. Premiered by BOG LIFE. 1992 15-20 min. for BOG LIFE: contralto, baritone, harp, oboe, double bass, marimba and cymbal; Dixon Place, New York City, November 1992.
The Dinner-Party A six-song cycle setting poems by Amy Lowell. Premiered by Brazelton's BOG LIFE on Cape Cod, MA tour funded by Massachusetts Arts Lottery, November 1991. Included on BOG LIFE recording "New & Unusual American Chamber Music." 1987-1991 22 min. for BOG LIFE: mezzo-soprano, baritone, oboe, harp, double bass, marimba and percussion

Cape Cod, MA, November 1991. Roulette, 1991.

Leonardo Commissioned for dance by choreographer Eduardo Zeiger with excerpts from Sigmund Freud's essay "Leonardo da Vinci and a Memory of His Childhood". Recorded by BOG LIFE at WNYC, May 1994, for "New & Unusual American Chamber Music." 1993 25-30 min. for BOG LIFE: baritone, mezzo-soprano, classical guitar, harp, soprano recorder, oboe, drum, cymbal, double bass Merce Cunningham Dance Studio, New York City with Eduardo Zeiger and Friends, February, 1993, and without dance at CB's 313 Gallery, May 1992.