October 19,1999

Kitty Brazelton's DaDaDah

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Kitty Brazelton's 12-strong band, DaDaDah, performs disjointed - and at times brilliant -experimental rock compositions of anything-goes. Brazelton's music is schizophrenic and elaborate: Soundscapes flash from genre to genre, with acid-jazz intros butting up against classical interludes, which in turn defer to arena-rock vocals.

Brazelton's recently released second album, "Love Not Love, Lust Not Lust" (Buzz Records), is a challenging but worthwhile pastiche of her experimental sound. Best appreciated live, Brazelton is a dynamo on stage.

- Andrew Taber

Tues., 8:30pm
Joe's Pub
425 Lafayette St.
New York
(212) 539-8777
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"Love Not Love Lust Not Lust"

Kitty Brazelton, Bandleader

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