Philadelphia's Relache Ensemble - lives by a credo: "music unbound." This gives its modern minimalism breathing room for inventive experimentalists such as vocalist-composer Kitty Brazelton known to locals from her Swarthmore-student '7Os with Musica Orbis. Brazelton's music (from the sounds of her teaming with Dadadah for Love Not Love Lust Not Lust) is a cabaret of white-hot guitars, reed sounds, holiday brass, tiltawhirl pianos, and dreamy, Stravinskyesque strings. Though it's unfair to compare Brazelton's rapturous sing-soaring to screecher Diamanda Galas or Philly's own mistress of multiphonics, Joan LaBarbara, there is indeed a relation to both divas. Expect the union of Relache and Brazelton to touch on the tragedy of Sept.11.

- A.D. Amorosi

The Relache Future Sound series presents Kitty Brazelton with the Relache Ensemble, at 7:30 tonight at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, 200 S. Madison St., Wilmington And at 7:30 p.m. Saturday and 3 p.m. Sunday at the Philadelphia Ethical Society, 1906 8. Rittenhouse Square. All tickets: $20; $18 seniors, students. Phone: 215- 569-9700.

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