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Kitty Brazelton

Chamber music for the inner ear

CRI Emergency Music CD 889

Kitty Brazelton, composer, vocals; Dan Barrett, cello; Kevin Cobb, trumpet; Erica Duke, cello; Wayne J. du Mains, trumpet; Greg Evans, French horn; Mathew Fieldes, double bass; Stephen Foreman, tuba; Lyris Hung, electric 5-string violin, Jay Kauffman, guitar; Amy Knoles, drums; Robin Lorentz, violin; John Magnussen, marimba; Vicki Ray, keyboards; Michael Seltzer, trombone; Dorothy Stone, flute; Danny Tunick, bongos; Marty Walker, bass clarinet; Chris Washburne, trombone; Danny Weiss, alto saxophone.

Kitty Brazelton, free wheeling, free thinking composer/musician offers us "Chamber music for the inner ear." Starting with "Come Spring", in four movements and played by the Manhattan Brass Quintet, Brazelton describes each movement as "riff centric", "groove centric", "voice centric" and "party centric". Brass fanfares, elements that represented English brass bands (I imagine this to be an accidental side effect), quiet introspection, harmonic stretching, light and shade; (I am deliberately keeping away from the big, clever explanations); elements of a Gregorian hymn "Pange Lingua", and a punky alternative type rave, ending in a group scream; fine playing by MBQ. "R" is a mix of bongos, a five-string violin and ghosted vocals by Brazelton; mysterious, haunting sounds. This is a piece that she will constantly tinker with and it will mean something different to every listener. "Called Out Ol' Texas" is an interesting stretch of the senses, a duet between cello and alto sax based on visually drawn models and combining elements of just about everything, so you do not know where you will be taken next. Kitty likes sound, it does not have to be from an instrument, she uses breathing, brass players tapping the bells of their instruments, things are turned inside out, explored and not necessarily put back together again; her music is unsettling, ambiguous; she talks about it as a modern artist talks about their painting. You will need the spirit of adventure to take on this CD.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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