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Advanced Projects in Music:

A Seminar in the Architecture of Musicmaking from Theory to Practice

This course is offered to advanced musicians (n.b. "musicians" includes singers and performers in any genre) and composers in lieu of the traditional individual composition tutorial to address the practical hands-on issues of music-making. Students must demonstrate an active collaboration (accompanying dance classes, theater or spoken word, creating a film soundtrack, sculpture installation, etc.) or solo project, which culminates in a concrete performance date or recording. All students must attend all meetings of the classes (even after project completion) and be prepared to learn from the experiences of other students as well as to offer critique and support to their colleagues. The intent of this course is a) to promote high-quality music-making in the college community, and b) to prepare the more experienced student for the professional world of music.

Approval of member of music faculty, rough draft of plan for performance or recording project, and some prior experience with project logistics required.