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D.M.A. 1994 Columbia University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  • Dissertation Sponsor: George Edwards
  • Dissertation Reader: Jonathan Kramer
  • Dissertation Defense Panelists: George Edwards, Brad Garton, Eleanor Hovda, Jonathan Kramer, Steve Mackey
  • Principal Teachers:
    George Edwards, Steve Mackey, Martin Boykan, Brad Garton (computer music), Jonathan Kramer (theory), Severine Neff (theory), Leeman Perkins (paleography), Jack Beeson (influential advisor)
M.A. 1991 Columbia University School of the Arts
  • Principal Teachers:
    George Edwards, Susan Blaustein, Pril Smiley (analog electronic music), Pat Carpenter (theory), Ernest Sanders (history), Jacques-Louis Monod (theory), Jack Beeson (influential advisor)
1981-2001 Voice study with Edith Bers, The Juilliard School.
1978 Master Class/Advisory Session with King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp
B.A. 1978 Swarthmore College, Music Major.
  • Principal Teachers:
    Peter Gram Swing, James Freeman, Harrison Birtwistle, David Steinbrook, Jane Coppock, Robert Smart (keyboards), Pat Boyer (dance), Lila Gleitman (linguistics), Tom Sherman (English)
Certificate 1977 Institute in Arts Administration, Harvard Business School; with courses in marketing and contract law at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.
1974-75 Flute study with Harvey Sollberger.
1971-74 Flute study with Patricia Ahmad.
1964-69 Flute study with Constance Boykan.
1967 Centro International de Documentación, Cuernavaca, Mexico
1966-69 Harvard Chiapas Project, San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico
  • studied anthropology and the Mayan dialect Tzotzil with Evon Z. Vogt, Harvard University
  • research assistant in neonatal development among the Maya-descended Zinacantecos for my father Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, 1966-67
  • research assistant in linguistics for Evon Z. Vogt, 1969
1966-69 Concord Academy
  • Principal Music Teachers:
    Rowland Sturges - a cappella choir and Glee Club
    Robert Koff (Brandeis University) - Baroque chamber music performance practice
  • Languages: Latin, French
1955-66 The Shady Hill School, Cambridge, MA