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Troubadours, Trouvères and Minnesingers

I shall make a song about nothing…

–William the 9th(1071-1127)

Farai un vers de dreyt rien…

–Guilhelm IX (1071-1127)

I will sing because I wish

To comfort my spirits.

For I do not wish to die

Or go mad with my great woe,

When I see no one return

From the wild land.

Where is he who soothes

My sorrows when I hear of him?

–Wilma of Dijon (fl. 1215-1225)

Chanterai por mon coraige

Que je vuil reconforter.

Qu'avecques mon grant domaige

Ne quier morir n'afoler.

Quant de la terre sauvage

Ne voi mais nul retorner,

Ou cil est qui rassoaige

Mes maus quant j'en oi parler.

–Guiot de Dijon (fl. 1215-1225)

I have heard the sweet voice

Of the woodland nightingale

And it has sprung up in my heart

So that all cares

And the unhappy betrayals love gives me

Are, for me, softened and sweetened;

And I would be well served

By another's joy in my sorrow.

In truth every man falls short in life

Who does not set his state towards joy…

One who is false, deceitful,

Of low breeding, a traitress

Has betrayed me, and betrayed herself…

–Bernard of Windready (c.1130/40-c.1190/1200)

La dousa votz ai auzida

Del rosinholet sauvatge

Et es m'insel cor salhida

Si que tot lo cosirer

E'ls mals traihz qu'amors me dona,

M'adousa e m'asazona.

Et auria'm be mester

L'autrui joi al meu damnatge.

Ben es totz om d'avol vida

C'ab joi non a son estatge…

Una fausa deschauzida

Trairitz de mal linhage

M'a trait, et es traida…

–Bernart de Ventadorn (c.1130/40-c.1190/1200)

Sir Gerhart Atze

shot my horse at Eisenach;

I've complained to his employer,

who is overlord of us both.

It was worth a good three marks…

–Walter of the Birdpasture (c.1170-c.1230)

Mir hat her Gerhart Atze

ein pfert erschozzen zIsenach;

daz klage ich dem den er bestat:

derst unser beider voget.

Ez was wol drier marke wert…

–Walther von der Vogelweide (c.1170-c.1230)

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