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Lincoln Center Institute Curriculum Unit Topics

List of Curricula taught by Kitty Brazelton 1989-Present

An Explanation of the LCI Teaching Format

A Lincoln Center Institute Music Teaching Artist goes in to the participant school in advance to prepare students to attend a concert or segment of an opera. Schools are K-12, located in the tri-state greater New York area, mostly public schools, although these criteria have changed somewhat over the years.

The Teaching Artist makes 3-4 visits to the school working with activities designed in collaboration with classroom teachers during an initial Planning Session. These activities prepare students for the experience of listening in a parallel but non-literal way. Teaching Artists use kinetic, visual, auditory, emotional and creative approaches but never direct description of the event they are preparing. One visit is customarily scheduled after the event, so that the Teaching Artist can help students reflect on what they have seen, heard and felt.

Each unit requires some study on the part of the Teaching Artist and participant classroom teachers. I include a list below of all the units I have had the privilege of teaching and learning about.

Teaching for Lincoln Center Institute is demanding. You have very little time to engage with the students and get across a lot of ideas, many of which are very new to these students and to the teachers as well. As a composer, I find I always gravitate towards helping kids and teachers to create their own version of the performance they are going to see. I feel strongly that creation gives deeper insight and involvement into the creativity of another human being: if you try to make a song, you will understand something of what it takes to make a really great song.