Come Spring! (1996)

  1. Dogwood Petals & Hormones
  2. Miles Through the Upstairs Window
  3. Harmonic Fable
  4. First Second Seder at the Knitting Factory

4 movements for brass quintet for the Manhattan Brass Quintet.

Premiered St. Ignatius of Antioch, NYC, May 1998 by Manhattan Brass Quintet and maintained in repertoire and performed many times by the group 1998-2000. Recorded June 1998 for 2002 release "Manhattan Brass Quintet: the Manhattan Project."

CRI CD 889 Released on CRI-Emergency CD 889 Kitty Brazelton: Chamber Music for the Inner Ear.

  • brass quintet
    • 2 trumpets
    • french horn
    • trombone
    • tuba

click to download .mp3

click to download .mp3

25 min.

Watching the Forest Grow (2012)

Upside-down brass quintet. Easy for students. Premiered by Bennington College Brass Quintet, May 2012.

  • Bb trumpet
  • horn in F
  • tenor trombone
  • tenor trombone
  • tuba
2 min.

Three-Finned Fish (2006)

Composed for the brass ensemble at Bennington College under the direction of trumpeter Ron Anderson. This is who he had in the ensemble that year.

  • 2 trumpets
  • trombone
2 min.

Sonar Como Una Tromba Larga
(to sound like a great waterspout)

CMIX-processed trombone sounds (use of granular synthesis, comb-filters, Ceres, algorithmic processes, etc.) at first canonically then rhythmically interactive with live trombone. Composed for Chris Washburne and premiered by him at Composers Concordance concert, Leowe Theater, New York University, May 15 1998.

Performed by trombonist Chris McIntyre at Mannes School of Music 1999. Performed by Washburne, Frank Oteri's 21st Century Schizoid Series, 2000. And by Nicholas Keelan at Lawrence University Women Composers Conference 2001. Recorded by Chris Washburne August 2001 for CRI-Emergency CD 889 Kitty Brazelton: Chamber Music for the Inner Ear.

  • solo trombone
  • CD soundtrack
11 min.

I Have Feelings I Shouldn't Have
(So Unreasonable)(1997)

Trombone duo commissioned by Chris Washburne and premiered by Chris Washburne and Julie Josephson May 2000 at Cornelia St. Cafe, NYC. for Frank Oteri's "21st Century Schizoid" Series.

  • 2 trombones
7 min.

rats eat steak au poivre too--- (1986)

Short 12-tone trumpet solo read by Speculum Musicae.

  • solo trumpet
1 min.
brass in mixed chamber

Busy Trio (2005)

Composed for the beginning of school for Ron Anderson, trumpet, Bruce Williamson, bass clarinet, and John Van Buskirk, piano. Premiered by them in the Carriage Barn at Bennington College, September, 2005.

  • trumpet
  • bass clarinet
  • piano
3 min.
brass in mixed ensembles
with voice

Kitty Brazelton & Low Brass (2000)

  • Down So Low by Tracy Nelson of Mother Earth 1970, arranged by Brazelton for Low Brass 2000
  • No More Bends in the Wire by Kitty Brazelton 1996, arranged for Low Brass 2000
  • Think I'm Fallin' In Love by Kitty Brazelton & Joey Scarperia, 1982, arranged for Low Brass 2000

I started with an arrangement for voice, tuba, 2 trombones and steel drums of Tracy Nelson's Down So Low for Phil Kline's curation "Your Hit Parade" in March at the New Museum in Soho. I arranged a few more tunes of my own to perform on Frank Oteri's 21st Century Schizoid series in May with the same instrumentation (me singing, Bob Stewart tuba, my beloved Chris Washburne (from Dadadah) and Julie Josephson on trombones, Danny Tunick (also beloved from Bat?) on vibes, and Tony Lewis on drums (from the Kitchen House Blend).

  • voice
  • 2 trombones
  • tuba
  • vibes
  • drums
3 min.
photo by Susan Buck  

Queen of the Rain (1978; revised 1997)

Musica Orbis song revised for quintet. Performed by Mark Taylor, horn, Kitty Brazelton voice and flute, Jennifer Devore, cello, Jed Distler, piano, Music Under Construction, May 18, 1997. Adapted for First Avenue, January 1999.

  • voice
  • flute
  • horn
  • cello
  • piano
10 min.
Please go to "Works by Band", "Ensembles" for further brass writing. In particular, look at bands DADADAH, Camp, and Low Brass; also Getting In & Out of Trouble for wind band.