Time Remaining (2002)

  1. opening
  2. eden's elegy
  3. driving force
  4. one
  5. two
  6. motet
  7. time ritual 1
  8. angharad runs
  9. match
  10. pillars
  11. wall
  12. floor duets
  13. eden emerges
  14. time ritual 2
  15. undertow
  16. ending

Premiered by Gina Gibney Dance, October 2002, St. Mark's Danspace, and November 2002, Cleveland Public Theater. Reviews: N.Y.Times, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Dance Insider.

The Time Remaining Band later adapted and recorded the piece in 2004 as ecclesiastes: a modern oratorio, Innova Recordings.

Gina Gibney Dance, Time remaining, 2002-2004

  • TTBB male vocal quartet
  • cello
  • percussion
    • concert bass drum
    • modified kit
    • bells
    • hammered dulcimer
  • computer-processed soundtracks and drones from "found " sounds native to ensemble

Time Remaining was made possible by Danspace Project's 2002-2003 Commissioning Initiative with support from the Joyce-Mertz Gilmore Foundation, DANCECleveland, Music and Performing Arts at Trinity Cathedral, Live Music for Dance Program of the Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust, administered by the American Music Center, Public Funds from The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, The Bossak/Heilbron Charitable Foundation and The Harkness Foundation for Dance.

52 min.

Dark Secret(1998)

Commissioned by choreographer Beth Leonard. Premiered by her, Music Under Construction Loft, April 18, 1998. Repeat performances Ersatz Marathon May '98, Battery Park Lunchtime Series Sept. '98.

Also broadcast on newmusicradio: choose Joe Pehrson's 5/15/98 interview with Kitty Brazelton

CMIX-processed household sounds:

  • clock chime
  • whispering Shakespeare
  • water dripping and washing
  • going up creaky stairs
  • rainstorm outside

using granular synthesis, comb-filters, Ceres, etc. See COMPUTER MUSIC.

15 min

Leonardo (1993)

Commissioned for dance by choreographer Eduardo Zeiger with excerpts from Sigmund Freud's essay Leonardo da Vinci and a Memory of His Childhood. Premiered Merce Cunningham Dance Studio, New York City with Eduardo Zeiger and Friends, February, 1993, and without dance at CB's 313 Gallery, May 1992.

Recorded by BOG LIFE at WNYC, May 1994.


  • baritone
  • mezzo-soprano
  • classical guitar
  • harp
  • soprano recorder
  • oboe
  • drum
  • cymbal
  • double bass
25-30 min.

Dance Suite (1990)

5 symphonic movements reinterpreted in the modern idiom. Originally commissioned by choreographer Rebecca Romero. Premiered by rebecca Romero & Friends at Columbia Teacher's College, 1990.

Performed without dance by DADADAH at The Knitting Factory, LaMama Galleria, P.S.122, CBGB's, The Nuyorican Poets Cafe, NYC, 1990-94. Recorded and nationally released on DADADAH CD "Rise Up!" (Accurate/Distortion Records, May 1994. Nationally reviewed.)


  • voice
  • French horn
  • harp
  • trombone
  • saxophone
  • flute
  • cello
  • electric guitar
  • drums
    • (electric bass added later)
25-30 min.

Musica Orbis with Group Motion, Philadelphia (1974-75)

Early in 1974 and early in its life as a band, suburban Swarthmore quintet Musica Orbis entered into a performing and touring partnership with downtown-Philadelphia Group Motion led by Manfred Fischbeck and Brigitta Herrmann. Largely experimental and improvisatory, this collaboration helped Musica Orbis to establish itself with audiences and more important, to come to know itself as a group. The improvisation between the two groups was careful, passionate and expressively detailed, affirming to me the potential for accuracy in live collaboration—an experience I have drawn upon for years.