solo classical guitar

Four Short Subjects for Solo Guitar (1986)

12-tone suite for solo classical guitar, based on 4 exclusive (but playable!) tetrachords

3 min.

guitar in chamber ensemble

R (1989; revised, 1994 and 1998)

Chamber piece. No text. Parisian flavor? Rather exotic. Features guitar. Premiered and recorded by Jay Kauffman, classical guitar:

Roulette, NYC, March 1998 and December 1994.

Kitty Brazelton: Chamber Music for the Inner Ear, CRICD 889—Try New World Records

  • classical guitar
  • untexted voice
  • viola
  • double bass
  • bongos
6 min.

Sonata for a Musical Marriage (1995)

3-movement suite for piano and electric guitar commissioned by Bernadette Speach and Jeffrey Schanzer. Premiere Brooklyn, May 13, 1995.

  • electric guitar
  • piano (and voice of pianist)
15 min.

Skimamaski (1996)

Premiered by Kitty Brazelton (voice), Martha Mooke (viola), Martha Colby (cello) and Jane Getter (electric guitar), Venus Festival, Context Studio, NYC, September 28 1996.

for amplified quartet:
  • un-texted voice
  • viola, amplified & processed
  • cello, amplified & processed
  • electric guitar with effects processing
15 min.