Down n Harp n All a Rondo (1997)

Palindromic rondo of pedalings and motivic textures for harp solo written for Elizabeth Panzer. Premiered Bloomingdale House of Music in NYC, Composers Collaborative, Inc., April 18, 1997.

Recorded by Elizabeth on CD Dancing In Space, o.o.discs oo56, June 1999.

  • solo harp


10 min.

Ornette In Vietnam (1997)

Composed for harpist Park Stickney and flutist Immanuel Davis during Music at Omi/Jazz Residency.

  • flute
  • harp
9 min

Three Songs for Mezzo-Soprano and Harp (1988)

3 short love songs to be sung continuously. Premiered Columbia Composers, Miller Theater, Fall, 1989

  • mezzo-soprano
  • harp
5 min.

Eight Small Pieces of Medieval Courtly Life for Irish Harp (1975)

Written for Caille Colburn's Irish harp to be played while audience views slides of illustrations from Les Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berri. Premiered during MUSICA ORBIS's annual Evergreen Festival at the Painted Bride Art Center, 1974, and repeated every year after until 1977.

  • solo knee harp
8 min

Thauma Gegonen (1974)

Duet for double bass, harp and their voices. Recorded by Caille Colburn and David Clark of MUSICA ORBIS for broadcast by Terry Gross for NPR and WUHY-FM, fall 1975, from the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

  • harp
  • double bass
5 min.