piano duo

You Leave Me Twisting In The Wind (2006, revised 2012)

A study in 7. Composed for Bennington College colleague Elizabeth Wright. Premiered by Yoshiko Sato, fall2012, Bennington College.

  • solo piano

5 min.

states of mind, bodies of water (2005)

  1. narrow
  2. wide
  3. round

Composed for Bennington College colleague David Anderegg. Premiered by him, The Carriage Barn, September 2005.

  • solo piano

3, 5 and 2 min.

Leg Vague (1999)

Composed for Kathleen Supové for her birthday, January 1999. Premiered The Flea Theater, NYC, April-May 1999 (N.Y.Times 4/26/99)

  • solo piano
  • pianist's voice

10 min.

Liszt in the Murk (1986)

Premiered by Elizabeth Rodgers, Columbia Composers, Miller Theater, 1986. Repeated by Kathleen Supové, Roulette, 1994 and CB's Lounge 1998.

  • solo piano

3 min.


Suite for Fred Anderson & his Velvet Lounge (1997)

  1. Nine-Step Cadence
  2. If the Tenor Loved You
  3. Teaching Detroit on the Way to Chicago

Composed during Music At Omi Jazz Residency, for solo harpsichord. Premiere by Calvert Johnson, October 3, 1999, Bethesda MD

  • solo harpsichord

8 min.


Yalum' Ta Vinahel (Roots of the Sky) (1995)

Premiered by Double Edge (Nurit Tilles and Ed Niemann), Whitney Museum at Philip Morris Duo Piano Mini-Festival, May 10, 1996. Reviewed (N. Y. Times 10/96, and Improviser 10/96). Repeated Sonic Boom '96, Miller Theater.

  • piano duo

11 min.


But Ruth Said (1999, revised 2012)

A setting of the passage from the Bible where Ruth refuses to leave Naomi.

  • coloratura soprano
  • organ: 2 manuals, pedals

5 min.

Polly's Wedding Music (1991)

  1. The Bride's Advent
  2. Sun-Worship (text by James Russell Lowell)
  3. Polly's Wedding March

Composed for Polly Brazelton's marriage to William Sutcliff. Premiered at the Unitarian Church in Barnstable MA, June 1991.

  • singer
  • church organ

9 min.