Playing on the Lawn
(2008, revised 2012)

Upside-downstring quartet No.1. Originally written for four teenage girl stringplayers who then became "frenemies" and stopped playing together. Explores issues of parity and competition, amicably.

  • violin
  • viola
  • cello
  • cello
5 min.

Dance Suite for Oboe Quartet (2012)

  1. Starting to Dance
  2. Guaguancó for Tea

Composed for Atlanta Chamber Players' Rapido! Composition Contest. Two dance movements.

  • Oboe
  • Violin
  • Cello
  • Piano

5 min.

3 min.

Dark Pond (2012)

Composed for Florida trio Pulse Chamber Music. Single movement.

  • Bb clarinet
  • Viola
  • Piano

9 min.

Molybdenum, 4-5-6-7-tet (2007)

Composed for the Advanced Cello Ensemble (A. C. E.) at Third Street Settlement Music School. Premiered fall 2007 under the direction of Sybille Johner.

  • 4-7 cellos
5 min.

String Quartet No. 2 (1990, 1994)

  1. The World As Seen From The Moon
  2. Deconstruction No. 1:
    The Planes Of Your Location
  3. Deconstruction No. 2:
    Radio Waves or Where Else Could You Be?
  4. Deconstruction No. 3:
    Stay Here, Don't Worry Anymore Tonight

3 movements deconstruct the 1st movement, which was premiered alone by Atlantic String Quartet for the League/ISCM at Merkin Hall, NYC 1/11/94 (reviewed N. Y. Times 1/94)

2-4th mov'ts premiered at Roulette, 12/11/94.

string quartet:
  • 2 violins
  • viola
  • cello

25 min.

String Quartet No. 1 (1987, 1989)

  • Allegro ma non tanto
  • Chorale
  • Dance

3 short movements experiment with modernist influences then move on into rhythm. Reading by Atlantic String Quartet, February, 1989.

string quartet:
  • 2 violins
  • viola
  • cello
7 min

The Violins Go To Boston (1985)

Violin duet premiered by Chen Yi and Gayle Roth, violins at Columbia Composers Concert, 1986.

  • 2 violins
3 min.

Yauchzen (Yell for Joy) (1993, 1994)

Fantasia for solo double bass written for Jay Elfenbein. Premiered by Ken Filiano, Roulette, December 1994.

  • solo double bass
11 min.

Tom & Mary Beth's Music (1995)

Music written for my brother's first wedding in Barnstable, early summer 1995. Performed by local Cape Cod string trio led by Sandy Spencer.

  • violin
  • violin
  • cello
3 min.

Trio in Question (1986)

  • violin
  • viola
  • cello
48 sec.

L'Idylle Torchée (1986)

Solo viola etude. Reading by Speculum Musicae, 1986.

  • solo viola
40 sec.
strings with piano

trio (2006)

  1. caccia
  2. canso
  3. contredanse

Trio for two violins and piano. Premiered by John Van Buskirk, Kaori Washiyama and Heather Sommerlad at Bennington College 2006.

  • 2 violins
  • piano
3, 4 and 3 min.

Cambridge Sonata (2005, 2007, in progress)

  1. Kresge (2007)
  2. Sanders (2007)
  3. (untitled cha cha) (in progress)
  • violin
  • cello
  • piano
8:15, 8:22, ---

2 pieces for young violinists (2006)

  • La giustizia (from Handel's Giulio Cesare in Egitto)
  • Yiri yiri bom (tune by Cuban salsero Beny Moré)

Short pieces which re-use well-known tunes in different rhythmic and contemporary contexts to pique the interest of the less experienced player .

Yiri yiri bom is also scored for cello and piano.

  • violin
  • piano
5 min.

Just Met (1996)

Bass marimba and violin in conversation. Composed for Marimolin. Premiered by Lyris Hung and Danny Tunick at Roulette, NYC, March 25, 1998.

  • violin
  • bass marimba or marimba
7 min.

Called Out Ol' Texas (1994)

'Cello and alto sax duet (title is anagram thereof). Premiered and recorded live in concert at Roulette, December 1994, by Danny Weiss (alto sax) and Dan Barrett (cello), Hugo Dwyer recording. Released in 2002 on "Kitty Brazelton: Chamber Music for the Inner Ear", CRI-Emergency 889

  • cello
  • alto sax
8 min.

Thauma Gegonen (1974)

Duet for double bass, harp and their voices. Recorded for broadcast by Terry Gross for NPR and WUHY-FM, Philadelphia Art Museum, fall 1975.

  • double bass
  • harp
  • & their voices
5 min.

Sonata for the Inner Ear (1999)

  • Exposition
  • Development
  • Recapitulation

3 modular movements deconstructing sonata form---is it valid?---Exposition establishes motives a and b in multiple configurations; Development invites all 8 players to solo on these ideas; Recapitulation restates and wraps up bang.

Premiered by the California EAR Unit, Los Angeles County Museum, October 13, 1999. Recorded in 2001 for release in 2002 on "Kitty Brazelton: Chamber Music for the Inner Ear", CRI-Emergency 889

for the California EAR Unit:

  • flute
  • bass clarinet
  • violin
  • cello
  • 2 keyboards (piano and sampler)
  • marimba
  • drum set
23 min.

Skimamaski (1996)

Premiered by Kitty Brazelton (voice), Martha Mooke (viola), Martha Colby (cello) and Jane Getter (electric guitar), Venus Festival, Context Studio, NYC, September 28 1996.

for amplified quartet:
  • un-texted voice
  • viola, amplified & processed
  • cello, amplified & processed
  • electric guitar with effects processing
15 min.

R (1989; revised, 1994 and 1998)

Chamber piece. No text. Parisian flavor? Rather exotic. Features guitar. Premiered and recorded by Jay Kauffman, classical guitar:

Roulette, NYC, March 1998 and December 1994.

Kitty Brazelton: Chamber Music for the Inner Ear, CRICD 889—Try New World Records

  • classical guitar
  • untexted voice
  • viola
  • double bass
  • bongos
6 min.

Queen of the Rain (1978; revised 1997)

Musica Orbis song revised for quintet. Performed by Mark Taylor, horn, Kitty Brazelton voice and flute, Jennifer Devore, cello, Jed Distler, piano, Music Under Construction, May 18, 1997. Adapted for First Avenue, January 1999.

  • voice
  • flute
  • horn
  • cello
  • piano
10 min.

The Two Timing F**k I'm in Love With (1996)

Poem by Carolyn Peyser of Nuyorican Poets. Premiere by Absolute Ensemble, June 30, 1996.

Recorded 1998 by Lyris Hung, violin, Tom Chiu, violin, Danny Tunick, percussion, Jimmy Pugliese, percussion, and Kitty Brazelton, voice.

  • alto voice
  • 2 violins (or violin and viola)
  • 2 percussionists
    • congas
    • nontraditional object which rattles
    • 5 temple blocks
    • 2 cymbals
    • hi-hat
    • triangle
    • dumbek
10 min.

Remembered Music—A Fragment (2008)

Orchestral song composed under the tutelage of David Del Tredici, and then re-orchestrated for a June 2008 performance with the String Orchestra of New York (SoNYC).

  • voice
  • string orchestra
7 min.
further Brazelton for strings

Please note:

Brazelton bands Musica Orbis, Dadadah and Bog Life have all included cello. There is much written for these ensembles and much recorded.

Larger ensemble projects such as ecclesiastes: a modern oratorio, ordinary mass and compositions for the ensemble Relâche also feature strings prominently.