mixed winds

Dark Pond (2012)

Composed for Florida trio Pulse Chamber Music. Single movement.

  • Bb clarinet
  • Viola
  • Piano

9 min.

Goin' Home (1996)

Chamber duo with klezmer and other unexpected influences.

  • clarinet (Bb)
  • piano

7 min.

Busy Trio (2005)

Composed for the beginning of school for Ron Anderson, trumpet, Bruce Williamson, bass clarinet, and John Van Buskirk, piano. Premiered by them in the Carriage Barn at Bennington College, September, 2005.

  • trumpet
  • bass clarinet
  • piano
3 min.

Speculo (1986)

For Allan Blustine of Speculum Musicae.

  • solo Bb clarinet

1 min.

Also: please refer to repertoire for Randall Woolf's Camp and Sonata for the Inner Ear, in "Large Mixed Ensembles (7-20)"


Sonata for 3 Flutes (2005)

  1. Overblown Trill
  2. Low Notes
  3. Trois-Flute Stomp

Written for my students at Bennington College.

  • 3 flutes (C)

2, 2, 1.25 min.

Reginis Apium (2000)

  1. Buzzing Fields
  2. Ow! the Sting…but Mm the Honey
  3. Lilies in the Valley

Composed for flutist Ardith Bondi and her students.

  • flute duo
4 min

Ornette In Vietnam (1997)

Composed for harpist Park Stickney and flutist Immanuel Davis during Music at Omi/Jazz Residency.

  • flute
  • harp
9 min

Eight-Eyed Spy (1997)

Flute octet in memory of local NYC '80s pop band. Premiered by Lawrence University Flute Choir, Women Composers Conference, May 2001, Appleton, WI. Performed by amateur flute 12-tet, Mannes School of Music, May 2008.

  • 5 C flutes
  • piccolo
  • alto flute
  • bass flute
7 min

No Lee (1985)

Flute solo in memory of Bruce Lee and his son. Premiered by Stefani Starin of NewBand, Sonic Boom '93, The Kitchen.

  • solo flute
    • flutist's voice
    • natural & artificial ambiences
5 min.
Opening the Sky (1974)
  • solo flute
2 min.
Sanded Walnut (1973)
  • solo flute
2 min.

Dance Suite for Oboe Quartet (2012)

  1. Starting to Dance
  2. Guaguancó for Tea

Composed for Atlanta Chamber Players' Rapido! Composition Contest. Two dance movements.

  • Oboe
  • Violin
  • Cello
  • Piano

5 min.

2 min.

Please refer to repertoire for Brazelton-led band Bog Life (mezzo-soprano, baritone, oboe, harp, marimba, guitar, double bass, and percussion).

Also: music composed for Relâche in "Large Mixed Ensembles (7-20)"


Called Out Ol' Texas (1994)

'Cello and alto sax duet (title is anagram thereof). Premiered and recorded live in concert at Roulette, December 1994, by Danny Weiss (alto sax) and Dan Barrett (cello), Hugo Dwyer recording. Released in 2002 on "Kitty Brazelton: Chamber Music for the Inner Ear", CRI-Emergency 889

  • alto sax
  • cello
8 min.

Love, I Know Beyond A Doubt (1997, 2007)

Motet including text and melodies from traditional & Occitans chants and a monophonic chanson roial from the Rémède de Fortune by Guillaume de Machaut (c. 1300-1365), in memory of Professor Peter Gram Swing (1923-1996).

Revised for Essentially Choral 2007, choral composition contest funded by Jerome Foundation and administered by American Composers Forum. Winner of reading by VocalEssence, director Philip Brunelle, Minneapolis, May 2007.

Translation & interpretation of Machaut & plainchant texts from Medieval French, Latin and Occitans by Kitty Brazelton.

  • SATB choir
  • 5 soloists: 3 sopranos, alto & tenor
  • jazz quartet:
    • baritone saxophone
    • piano
    • double bass
    • drums
14 min.

Also: please refer to repertoire for Brazelton-led band DADADAH (voice, alto sax, horn, trombone, harp, cello, electric guitar, electric bass and drums).


Please refer to music composed for Relâche in "Large Mixed Ensembles (7-20)"

mixed wind ensembles

Etude for Flute and Bb Clarinet (1986)

For Speculum Musicae.

  • C flute
  • Bb clarinet

1 min.

Studies in C (2000)


  • flute
  • oboe
  • clarinet
  • alto & tenor saxophones
  • horn
  • trombone
  • bassoon

8-9 min.

Getting In & Out Of Trouble (1999)

Rondo of ostinati originally composed for jazz orchestra, commissioned by the Charles Fox Fund of the Alumni & Friends of LaGuardia. Premiered by LaGuardia High School of Music & Art Junior Jazz & Pit Orchestra combined under the direction of Bob Stewart, May 6, 1999.

  • concert wind band
    • 3 flutes
    • 5 clarinets (b. cl. & Eb)
    • saxophones: 3 altos, 2 tenors, 1 baritone
    • 4 trumpets
    • french horn
    • 3 trombones
    • tuba
    • pno
    • gtr. optional)
    • 4 percussion (drumkit, agogo, whistle, gong, chocallo/rainstick, 3 tmp., conga, timbales, marimba)
    • originally 2-8 violins adapted to wind band
    • originally 2-6 cellos adapted to wind band
    • amplified bass, can be adapted to low brass

10 min.